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Levi Hartle
Part: Tenor
Diocese: Pittsburgh, PA
Year: 3rd Theology

Levi Hartle is the son of Brian and Providence Hartle, two people he loves very much. Levi says, “If it were not for his family he would not be the man of God that he is today.” Levi is a proud graduate of St. Mary's Catholic School in Herman, PA, and he says, “It was my 7th grade year at St. Mary’s that I first heard the call to priesthood.” He attended Knoch High School and then went on to earn a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Grove City College.

After college, Levi entered seminary where he is reported to be learning a lot about himself and God. “It has not been easy”, he says, “but it has been awesome.” After two years of study at St. Paul Seminary in Pittsburgh and two years of study at The Catholic University in Washington D.C., Levi requested a pastoral year, which was generously granted to him. This means that he was given the opportunity to serve full time at a parish for the year.

Levi says, “The pastoral year was just what I needed. It has been a truly awesome experience living at the parish and serving the people of God! I thank God every day for the gift of my parish family. By simply being who they are, the parishioners of St. Mary’s Parish in Glenshaw have shown me who I am, and are helping me to grow into the man of God that I was made to be.” Levi will finish his pastoral year and then return to The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. for his final two years of Theological training.

Note to reader: Levi wrote this from the future when his pastoral assignment will have been completed. In real life, he is still serving at St. Mary's Parish in Glenshaw. If you figured out how to read this, you are very savvy.
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