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Fr. Joe Goldsmith
Part: Bass & Beatbox
Diocese: Richmond, VA
Year: 1000th Theology

Father Joe is now a priest at Blessed Sacrament Church in Harrisonburg, VA. He grew up mostly in Fairfax, VA, went to Paul VI high school and then to VCU for college. He studied Chemical Engineering in college. After college he ran his own computer consulting business for several years. And then he decided to enter seminary because clearly he couldn't decide what to do with his life. Ok, not true. In college, Fr. Joe heard God calling him to priesthood. He was slow to respond, but with lots of support, encouraging family, and friends with good faith he started to look into it. As it turns out, the calling fits. And now he is a priest.

Musical Background

In 4th grade, Joe joined the school band to play percussion. He was excellent at playing the bass drum, the snare drum, and especially the triangle. Joe began playing guitar in high school, inspired by classic rock greats such as Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. In college, he studied classical guitar and jazz guitar and learned of new guitar greats such as Paco de Lucia and Phil Keaggy. He then started playing bass guitar with VCU Intervaristy Christian Fellowship's worship team. He discovered more excellent guitarists such as Stanley Jordan, Victor Wooten, Tuck Andress. After seeing Tuck Andress play in person, his life was different.

In seminary, Joe started beatboxing and also began to wonder where he could ever possibly use such a worthless talent. He saw a flyer one day on campus at CUA that said, "love to sing, love to beatbox? Come try out for Take Note A cappella." Entirely terrified, Joe tried out and made the group. He beatboxed for the group for 2 years. (Check out Take Note's CD released in 2009)

Also in seminary, Fr. Joe began singing. He started taking voice lessons and singing in more choirs than there are days in the week. This is where he met Sixtus. If you go to seminary, you will also meet Sixtus. And also if you go to one of their shows.

Fr. Joe is happily serving as a priest in his first assignment in Harrisonburg, VA.

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