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Jonathan Gibbons
Part: Baritone (the one and only)
Diocese: Baltimore, MD
Year: 2014

Jonathan remembers being drawn to the priesthood from an early age. This interest grew deeper in high school, especially as he became intensely interested in the intelligibility of the Catholic faith and the pursuit of Truth. He continued to discern while at university at Mount Saint Mary's University, where he obtained his B.A. in International Studies in 2010. He decided to enter seminary about half-way through his senior year--Recognizing that all future plans seemed to lead to priesthood, it became apparent that the next step in following God's will would be to enter the seminary.

Jonathan has been engaged in various musical pursuits throughout his life; he has participated in various choirs and musicals, as well as showchoir, also known as a "glee club," before glee clubs were made cool by the show "GLEE" (Wait a minute, it still isn't?) He recounts that his performance of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables when he was in high school ignited in him a passion for singing and performing, and the message of redemption in the story even planted a seed in him to pursue the vocation of priesthood.

While in college, Jonathan had tried to start an a cappella group (twice, actually) but to no avail. Little did he know that this dream would come to realization in seminary! He is deeply grateful to God for the friendship that Sixtus has become and the many lovely people he has met on their travels.

In 2013, Jonathan felt called to leave seminary. There was tears and wailing heard in all parts but he had good confirmation that this was the right choice. In December of 2013, he finished an MA in theology at the Catholic University of America and in January 2014 achieved his first post college job hosting at Olive Garden. And then he got hired at John Carroll School in Bel Air, MD. Jonathan will take all of his seminary experiences and training and try to apply them somehow to the students at Bel Air. You go Jon!

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