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Why Not?

In our society of endless opportunities and possibilities, it always feels like there is something better going on, better people to be with, a better job, a better relationship, and a better life. If you are like me, then you are tempted to second guess everything that you do. Or perhaps you are resistant to change. You're comfortable where you are and you don't see why you should explore any new ideas.

Maybe, just maybe, you are stuck asking the question "why?" But it's not like the little child who is filled with wonder while asking questions about the world. It's that inner question of "why do I have do that?" or "why should I change?" or "why does it even matter?" These are the wrong questions. Maybe they aren't even questions at all.

The real question that we need to ask, is "Why Not?" About life, about faith, about growth, about real love. Set yourself free to grow, to deepen, to discover yourself and know your Creator. Be open to a big, "Why not?"

  • Why not discover how you were designed to love and to be loved?
  • Why not let go of those things that only bring you hurt?
  • Why not pursue a big idea that's brewing in your heart?
  • Why not come back to church and to the sacraments?
  • Why not say I'm sorry?
  • Why not get excited about your faith?
  • Why not spend more time in prayer?
  • Why not love without demanding that you are loved first?
  • Why not trust in God?
  • Why not take a step forward before you have all the answers?
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