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A philosophy professor promised his students that the final exam would be easy, so easy in fact that it would only have a single question. The students were not exactly comforted by the idea of having only a single question. They assumed that the professor would choose one concept covered in the course and ask them to explain it. They had learned many concepts.

On exam day, the professor handed out the blue books and then proceeded to write the exam question on the board. He wrote, "Why?" Nothing else. Most of the students stared blankly at the board and then at the professor who was smiling. A few of the students were determined to write down the explanation to every concept they had learned, deftly weaving them together.

Steve, however, was tired, unamused, and frankly unprepared for the exam. But a light went off in his head and he smiled. He wrote his answer, handed his paper in, and shook the professor's hand. Somewhat surprised, the professor turned the paper over as Steve was leaving the room. It read, "Why not?"


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